Cash Brown, Matt Fingaz, Agallah, Sean Price & Labba - Clubber Lang (Tru Comers Blend)

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Description: Instrumental Tru Comers - Only A Few
Album: Tru Comers Vaporized Blends (2012)

"In case you're not familiar with Tru Comers (aka Sperrow and X-Pert) they're a Swiss production crew, but their sound is pure mid 90s NYC boom-bap rawness.
Hopefully I've managed to do some justice to their 2011 instrumental EP with these blends.
Props to Verge and dirt_dog for going out of their way to help put this together, and to Tru Comers for giving this project the all clear... Enjoy" - source from Troy Blog

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Date: 2015-06-17
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