George Fields - Get Up! Feat. Doam Peace, Glad2Mecha (2015)

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Description: George Fields - "Glad To Meet You".

Vinyl and cassettes available at

Featuring emcees Glad2Mecha, Realistic, Triple C, John Robinson, Doam Peace, Alildab, A.G (D.I.T.C)

Limited to 300 vinyl. First 100 pressed on white/yellow vinyl and include a "Greetings From Dorset" postcard.

Music written and produced by: George Fields
Additional production and mixing by: Harry Warren
Mastered by: John Dent
Front cover photo by: Rory Fisher
Layout Design by: Darrell Krum

2015 Under The Sun Records, Dorset, U.K. All rights reserved

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Date: 2016-04-28
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