Malik - No More 9 To 5 (Remix) (1994)

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Description: Yo Folks! It's time for a very special record outta my crates... Big Up to my main man NURO and Malik.
Came out in `94 on the label MPacked Sounds. Straight outta Trenton, NJ. All 3 tracks pure fire! Maybe a evergreen. 9 To 5 and „Last days of wax" was produced by „Master Jam". The 9 To 5 (Remix) was produced by DJ Ski. Malik and Master Jam are still in the music game!

This is a record that you gonna keep forever...otherwise you're a fool!
Don't know who decide to call a record as „Grail" but...I'd definitely agree to call this one a „Grail"... Dope beats, period lyrics...HIP HOP nothing else to say.

Glad, it wasn't the last days of wax! For your listening pleasure.

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Date: 2017-05-30
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