D'Jazzo (Dec Dope) - My Mind Is Shining

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Description: Producción: @BarrioFilms
Producción Musical: Jazzy On The Beat En Dec Dope Rec
Cámara: @Fekaptura
Dirección: Pepa D Jones
Edicion: Laura Susana Montoys
Creditos: Sebastian Moná Ramirez

"My mind is shining
my blood is runing
living good my life i get high while i'm rhyming
Spitting truth for real en la calle

Remember back in time
when they used to write concepts
music was so pure
not like your i'm disgusted

I represent my crew
we got jewells now you're
busted for rhymes

Don't need no hooks on the track
naturally growing like the dreadlocks
revolutionary on the hempstyle

Iegalice my vervally attack
and you wack
talking bullshit
nothing in your acts
and in fact be blowing

Blunts i'm smoking
ain't got no money
but i got the respect
ain't no joking

I deal with the jazz
i love double bass
now double is your trouble
the your dreams are dash

Sucking dicks for the cash like a pussy
is not necessary you're a whore
cuz you like it hum?

this is mr jazzy
now is flowing like wind
to go another place
where the fakes don't match

I score more points like jordan
i got my toy
is my voice that's destroying

You better B
Listen to the realness
you gotta go to hell
if you take it like bussiness

I take personal all my sickness
you're worried about the fitness
spiritualz angainst materials
ya'll know the witness. "

Category: RAP US
Date: 2017-06-26
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