Soul Puppets - Cruel & Unuzual / O's & Elbows (1997)

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Description: Released: 1997
The Soul Puppets (now known as Front Line) is a hip-hop duo consisting of Lyricist Wax (Brent Evans) and producer/vocalist Nitemare (Mike Campbell). Wax, the lead vocalist of the group, is a Brooklyn native with roots in Trinidad. This gives him a worldly approach to music directly translated into his lyrics. Nitemare was born in Germany and has lived all along the East Coast of the US. He blends all of the styles of music he has picked up along the way, and projects it in his music, and has recently projected the craft of digital audio. Nitemare also plays Bass and Lead guitar, programs keyboard and drum machines and writes vocals.

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Date: 2012-08-16
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