Boss - Deeper

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Description: Debut hit single from female gangsta rapper known as the Boss out of Detroit ,Michigan. Boss moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career in hardcore hip hop. After recording countless demos and weeks spent in motel rooms the Boss eventually landed a deal with Def Jam West which had just started as Def Jam's sister label dedicated soley to west coast hip hop.
The Boss released her only album in 1993 tilted "Born Gangstaz" with production by Def Jeff, Erick Sermon, MC Search, T-Ray and AMG whom she made her first appearance with on record. Her female dj Dee is featured on the cover of "Born Gangstaz. " Since then The Boss became a mother and in the late nineties she fully recovered from a kidney transplant.The Boss still records music to this day and performs and resides in her hometown Detroit.

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